Why AREPOPS? – The reason behind the name.

Our blog name is pretty simple – AREPOPS

Unlike some blogs that are a clever play on words ours is a mix of my initials (ARE) and the nickname we gave Lily when i fell pregnant. Pops – to keep it a secret. It caught on and lasted the whole way through my pregnancy.

The reason we called her Pops was because we found out we were pregnant when I was 4 weeks pregnant. She was the size of a Poppy seed.

When thinking of a name for the blog I was torn, I really wanted something clever and witty but I wanted something that would last and not become dated. I don’t think arepops will. I also liked that it didn’t fit with a genre. If we branch out from being a parenting/ family blog the name can come along with us.

arepops image

Would I change our blogs name if I could? I still like the idea of something witty but I’m so indecisive I wouldn’t settle. Im happy with arepops. We’ll see how I feel a year from now.

Do you have a blog? Whats the reason behind your name?

If you could start your own blog, what would you call it?

Until the next post,

Are and Pops.


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