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Savisto- Ice Cream Maker review and giveaway 

I recently watched an episode of Supershoppers on Channel 4 where they talked about ice cream and the difference in price and what that did to the quality… its a good watch!

It was pretty disgusting to see what happens with cheaper ice cream and I’m sad to say I’ve eaten the cheapest ice cream a fair few times (to be fair the medium price range wasn’t too much better)

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Unless you want to spend around 5 pound a tub (500ml) you’re not going to get a great ice cream

Unless you make your own that is.

The Ice cream maker from Savisto comes in white and red and is only £26.99.
It’s so easy to put together and take a part and really easy to clean too (which is what I look for in things haha)

You have to freeze the bowl over night before you can make the ice cream so it’s definitely something you need to plan in advance. The Ice cream maker actually comes with a recipe book that has over 130 recipes in too which is so handy…

I think Pops will have lots of fun helping us choose flavors as she gets older and I’m excited to get her involved and show her what goes into making her very own ice cream.

Have you ever made ice cream? Did you use a machine?


If you have any full proof recipes send them my way!


Savisto have been so generous and are allowing us to give in away to an arepops reader, enter the Gleam entry form.


Until the next post,

Are and Pops .
We were sent the ice cream maker for the purpose of this post but all thoughts are our own.

143 thoughts on “Savisto- Ice Cream Maker review and giveaway 

  1. My favourite flavour ice cream is plain chocolate, or if I’m buying an expensive brand it’ll be Ben and Jerry’s half baked!xxx

  2. Would love an ice cream maker to attempt some dairy free recipes for my son who has an allergy to milk and soya.. he misses out a lot!

  3. My favourite flavour is butterscotch! My daughter loves chocolate. My son hasn’t tasted ice cream yet as he has a dairy allergy, so this would be perfect

  4. Ooooh amazing, we are vegan so don’t buy dairy ice cream…. I wonder how well this will turn out with coconut milk or almond….. Would love to give it a go !!!!

  5. Chocolate and coconut for me used to go to an ice cream parlour in Portimao, Portugal and always had a double cone of their beautiful home made ice cream

  6. I have 2 favourite flavours, rum& raisin if I’m buying it, or homemade & very strong coffee is out of this world

  7. Ive always wanted to make my own ice cream,so i can try out new personal flavours x like Black Forest Gateau ice cream yummy x my fave ice cream is mint choc chip

  8. Mint chocolate ice cream is my favourite
    I would love to make my own.
    Myself and daughter would get loads of use out of an ice cream maker
    Thanks for the chance

  9. Strawberr icecream is my favourite and relly simple. Strawberrys, cream sugar and a bit of lemon juice. lightly wisk and put int eh machine, no need to make a custard and tastes delicious!

  10. All time favourite of mine coffee ice-cream . First tried it in Germany on a visit to a park and actually thought I would hate it but now its a favourite of all my family 😀

    1. I love coffee ice cream. Ben and Jerry’s do a coffee one with chocolate pieces in but it was discontinued almost everywhere. If you’re ever in new York the have it in stores there so go grab some haha x

  11. My favourite ice-cream is toffee,or raspberry ripple,or mint choc chip,or….any flavour at all,I love ice-cream and would have so much fun making my own with my grandchildren helping not only to make it but polish it off too.
    PS,I can’t get your pintrest page,it just says page not found x

  12. i love pistachio ice cream and coffee aice cream unfortunately for me most places dont stock them only when i go on holiday to the seaside can i indulge so when im at home i enjoy a nice mint choc chip so if i won this its would be coffee ice cream all day long lol

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