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My top five Lush – Christmas edition.

If you’re a fan of Lush you’ll know how hard it is to pick only  five things!
Rose Jam Bubbleroon –

I was converted to the Rose Jam smell at the Lush event we went to so this is something im really looking forward to trying this Christmas.
Candy Mountain Bubble Bar-

The smell of this little pink thing is glorious and it leaves a little shimmer, what more could you want? Oh bubbles? It gives you that too!
Golden Wonder Bath Bomb-

I always stuck to what I like in Lush and I’m embarrassed to say up until this year I never knew about this and now I do… I WANT I WANT I WANT.. Please.
Elf on the shelf Fun-

We got to play with Fun at the Christmas Lush event and Pops and I both enjoyed it lots and this one smells amazing… plus it’s elf colours which is so cute especially if you do the elf tradition (we do)


Father Christmas Bath Bomb-

I had to finish this off with the man himself didn’t I? I love how cute this bath bomb is and the surprise inside is an extra little bonus. I never thought I’d say this but Father Christmas smells amazing too!
What’s your favourite christmas item this year?

Until the next post,

Are and Pops.

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