Dairy free me…well kind of.

I never thought this would be something I would be blogging about.

I never thought it would be something I would even be thinking about.


I admire my big sister more than anyone in the world and when she told me she was turning vegan (after laughing and ribbing her for it, naturally) I had a think about it… I don’t feel as strongly as my sister but after watching a Netflix documentary called Cowspiracy I definitely feel.

I found this image on trouble with film.


I think it explains the documentary really well so you should have a read if you’re interested.

I’m no way at the stage that my sister is, I couldn’t be vegan. Not just yet anyway, who knows how I’ll feel later.

Meat, I could cut down easily… I’m not sure if I could cut it out completely (again, just yet)

Dairy, milk specific. I’m definitely sure I want to stop drinking cows/goats milk. I won’t go into detail but I’ve gone off the idea of it (when you actually sit and think about it I’m sure it’ll turn you off a bit if not completely)


I was so set on me giving up drinking milk that I didn’t really think about the fact it’s in other things and only once I spoke to my sister about it she mentioned about chocolate etc. Wow. That all seems hard. So many things actually have dairy in without you even thinking about it.


For now, for this moment in time I want to give up drinking dairy. I’m still not sure whether that includes dairy in things or dairy products such as cheese I’ll just take it day by day.

Until the next post,
Are and Pops.

2 thoughts on “Dairy free me…well kind of.

  1. I haven’t seen this movie, but I read that quite a few people (bloggers in particular) turned vegan after watching it.
    I don’t think I can cut out the diary products from my diet, but I always make sure I buy from small farmers and people who actually care about their animals. It’s so difficult to do so if living in a big city though. Modern life is a weird thing.

  2. I gave up dairy approx 9 months ago as my son who I’m breastfeeding has cow’s milk protein allergy. This particular protein just happens to travel really well through breastmilk by ‘piggy backing’ other molecules. Because it’s an allergy that meant I had to give up everything! Chocolate, cheese, cream, all the good stuff! It’s not easy but you do get used to it. I think working yourself in slowly is a great idea. Just make sure you are getting a calcium supplement alongside. 🙂 found your post in #mombosssquad fb group.

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