Biting baby – an update.

​I’ve not really spoke about Pops and her biting for a while and that’s simply down to the fact it hasn’t been happening.


I really don’t want to jinx myself so *touch wood*


We still have naughty moments where she may push or hit out but finally (again touch wood) she’s no longer a biter.


If you have or had a biter then you know how frustrating it can be and feel like it’s never going to end – that’s how I felt- but it has (touch wood) and it’s so nice.


Pops is still one of the more boisterous of her group and constantly knocking people over running around but it’s not intentional (well?) and it’s not out of anger.


Advice wise, I can’t really say it was anything we did – we did introduce a time out chair but I think it was mainly down to her getting a bit older and just realising it wasn’t right. I don’t know, maybe the chair helped a bit then? (It certainly didn’t hurt)


If your little one bites and you think it’s never going to end just think, there’s not many grown adults that go around biting people at random so it has to stop eventually 😂


Until the next post,

Are and Pops.

2 thoughts on “Biting baby – an update.

  1. Sometimes it is a little phase they go through maybe to get attention so praising them when they do good things helps I find

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