My 20 wishes for 2017.

I’ve written a post about my goals/resolutions for 2017. This is a little different, my 20 wishes for 2017.  Thanks to Hayley over at Devonmama for tagging me!

5 Personal wishes;

1- Become a more confident mum, I often feel like such a failure when it comes to motherhood and feel like people see me as that too. I want that to change.

2- Keep up with the housework and get the house organised. Some days I can let it get on top of me so I want to make it a routine to get bits done before I do anything else.

3- Lose weight, or at the very least be more healthy.

4- Reduce the amount of time I spend on my phone and spend more time playing with Pops, even if she does always want me to sit on the freezing cold floor.

5- Do my hair more and wear my pj’s less – pretty self explanatory. I never spend time getting ready now I have a toddler and it definitely shows.


5 Blog wishes;

1- Bring my DA up to 25. That may not make sense to most people but the higher the number the better in the world of blogging.

2- Earn a regular income through sponsored posts – not too many but i would love for the blog to help contribute to our family.

3 – Post at least 2/3 times a week. I can be hit and miss with my updates so I want to start being more consistent.

4 – Start a linky.  A linky is where a bunch of bloggers can link up and share posts about the same topic.

5 – Collaborate with other bloggers. I’d love to work with other bloggers on posts. I’m not sure who or what yet but I definitely want to get something sorted.


5 Family wishes;

1- Spend weekends doing fun things and not always sorting out the house.

2- Buy our first home – something weve always wanted to do but finding it more of a struggle since i give up work to have Pops.

3- Have baby number 2 or at least plan for it.

4- Decorate the house.(if we haven’t managed to buy our own)

5- To watch Pops grow into an even more kind and loving little girl, to watch her start preschool and learn and develop.


5 Hopes & wishes for 2017;

1- Interact with our blog readers more. I’d love to get to know you all more and see what you want more of from the blog.

2- I hope my family and friends stay healthy and happy.

3- To teach myself and Pops Turkish.

4- For pops to enjoy preschool and be able to strive, develop and become an independent  (not too much) little lady.

5- Date nights, I want to spend the year being more of a couple and not just parents so hopefully making regular date nights will help.



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Until the next post,

Are and Pops.


The last image is something I’ve had on my face book for years and is by Kurt Hasley.

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    1. It takes a long time to get your blog a following and we all start at zero so give it a go, even if at first you are just writing for you! Be sure to let me know if you start one so I can come and read it 🙂

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